Friday, April 8, 2011

just for view :)

this is a very simple drawing of two bunnies in love. they are happy. I hope you like it!

article had to be overcome hug, finally fell. haha, very funny .

at the start of his no they do not need each other. eventually they are united and happy,how beautiful.

when he found true love, then life is meaningful

yaaa ! skiranyaa kita mmpunyai cinta sejati , hdup kita cgt brmkne :)
So if you have a lover, love is the best he could until the end of life, so as to establish alegal relationship:)
p/s : f
or those who are still learning, and was in the minors, from age 17 and below ,
sekira nya buad mase skrgg awkk-2 yg masehh study lagy yg tade bf orr gf , sabar jelhaa :)
tak matii ponn if korg tade bf or gf buad mase skrg nyhh , pnjg lagyy mase ntokk korg carii ,
jgn rsaw lhaa , allah dah tentu kan jodoh maseng-2 :)
nyhh baruu tade bf or gf dah mengelabah ta tntu pasal ,
risaw sangat , haih -.-"

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